Chestnut Hill Community Fund

Since 1972, the CHCF has run an Annual Fundraising Campaign that has resulted in over $2.4 million raised. These funds have been generously allocated to dozens of local institutions. Although this program is no longer an active campaign, tax-deductible donations can be sent to the Community Fund, which will support CHCF specific programs. These include:

A. Safety Fund- This funds community specific programs that are related to safety
B. The Anna Fisher Clark Memorial Internship Fund- This allows high school and college journalism students to be part of The Chestnut Hill Local team during a semester
C. Green Space Initiative- The community has planted over 70 new trees up and down Germantown Avenue and parts of Bethlehem Pike. The support grew by extending residents an opportunity to adopt the tree and have a personalized dedicated well. This effort has continued by planting trees on residential streets in a Tree Tender campaign. All of this is possible through the CHCF. Learn more about tree planting.

Although the Chestnut Hill Community Fund (CHCF) was born out of the ideas and principles of the Community Association, the two organizations operate separately and their own bylaws, leadership, budget and objectives to which they adhere.  In in order to work at optimal efficiency, however, the CHCF has retained the CHCA as their management service. This means that the CHCA staff answers calls and correspondences directed to the CHCF, assists the CHCF in the organizing of donations and data collection, helps manage the Town Hall property, and assists with administering the CHCF’s signature community programs.

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The Community Fund leadership consists of:

Charles Marion, Esq - President

Ellen Williams - Vice President
Susan Bray - Trustee

Jeremy Gudgeon - Trustee
Alexander “Zandy” Nalle - Treasurer
Andrew Glendinning - Town Hall Building Steward
Vivian Desiderio - Bookkeeping
Each Trustee serves a 3-year term
The Trustees Meet 4X a Year


Chestnut Hill's First Tree Stroll 

On October 14, 2016 Morris Arboretum's Executive Director, Paul Meyer, and Certified Arborist, Ken LeRoy, lead a group of 50 people throughout Chestnut Hill on a Tree Stroll.  This event was sponsored by the Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders' group and supported by the CHCA and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  Both Meyer and LeRoy enlightened listeners with stories about the various tree species and their unique characteristics as they stopped to look at trees planted along Germantown Avenue.  Afterwards, the group convened at Chestnut Hill's Fairway for cider and sandwiches. 

The Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders is looking for volunteers to help plant 44 bare root trees
at our Earth Day Tree Planting

Saturday, April 22, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Meet at Friends Meeting House, 20 Mermaid Lane and help us plant 44 trees. 
Contact Rose Johnson at to volunteer.

Would You Like A New Tree On Your Street? Applications are now available for free street trees. 
Fill Out This Form  and send your application to Mary Ann Boyer at by May 3. Trees will be planted on Saturday, November 18.  

Tree Planting Spring 2016 Summit Avenue